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Canada is a country of wealth and opportunity. Each year thousands of newcomers come to Canada for the purposes of work. Working in Canada will provide you with valuable experience as well as a secure pathway to Permanent Residency.

Work is defined in Canada as being paid either wages or compensation for service. Volunteering can also qualify for work in some instances.

All foreign nationals working in Canada are required to apply for a valid work permit before entering Canada. In some cases, you may apply for a work permit from within Canada or at a port of entry.

Not all foreign nationals are eligible to apply for work permits. Before applying to come work in Canada, it is recommended you get a full immigration assessment from a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.


Canada is one of the largest best economic market in the world. It brings great opportunities of hiring eligible candidates to fulfil the rising economic demand of the labor market. This platform may lead you to other pathways to migrate to Canada.

A work permit is a written authorization issued by the Canadian Immigration Authorities that allows a foreign national to get engaged in employment within Canada.

There are 2 types of work permits: open work permits and employer-specific work permits.

Open Work Permit is available for individuals who qualifies under the International Mobility Program. To be eligible for an Open Work Permit you must meet certain criteria.

An employer-specific work permit allows you to work according to the conditions on your work permit. It is linked to a specific job, employer and location.

Canadian employers who wish to hire foreign workers process the required documentation with the immigration department. This allows an employer to hire a foreign national through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) to work for his job requirements. The program’s objective is to assist the employers who have demonstrated a need to fill in jobs for the success of their businesses.

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